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where the jobs are and how to get one

A very informative article in the Wall Street Journal on this subject. 


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Friend facing layoff: no Plan B

I just had a very disheartening online converstion with a friend who lives near Anaheim, CA. She teaches kindergarten.

I got my latest evaluation, and my principal sang my praises as if there were no tomorrow. I adapt for each child, I have super classroom management, I’m well respected by my peers and throughout the district, I’m an asset to the school, blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, yeah, and I walk on water. Moving on.

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Future Business or Employment Ideas

I am a landscape architect practicing on my own for three years now, with a previous ten years of employment. Since I do not qualify for government contract jobs work has been sparse. I know there are many "middle management" architects and engineers that suffered the same fate. Since my skillset is mostly construction-based, I find no immediate employment opportunites. At this time, I am researching a vocational skillset to transition into. One idea was welding. Another was well boring (oil, gas, geothermal, or water).

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Making a Life

Where are the jobs?

Where can someone go to make a living?
The internet? Moving to a different country? A different industry?
The world is changing, and this online community is a great place to search for answers for all of us.

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Charting the US Economy

I recently completed a series of articles that I have turned into a free eBook. Please feel free to download a copy. No registration required.

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Mig welder?

Back in my college days (1970's) I worked as a welder in a factory down in Texas. 

I've been toying with getting a mig welder for a couple of reasons.  First, there's been many times that I could have used one around the homestead for repair projects, or creating gadgets.  Second, it seems like it might be a candidate for inclusion in a portfolio of personal capabilities should the current economic trading system cease to exist.  In other words, in the event the SHTF.


The Martenson Insider - February 7, 2010

In This Newsletter
  • The Mystery of Falling Unemployment
  • Transcript of Commonwealth Club Talk
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EU and the four(!) E:s

The European parlament has written a report to its president on the biggest challenges EU faces in the next decade. It is a rare moment to feel that the bureucrats in Brussels "get it", especially in such important matters!


The four crucial challenges listed are:

1.  Economy:

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The true cost of all those "saved jobs" by khanacadeny...