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Blacklight Power

Blacklight power claims to have found a way to create electical energy from water vapor.  Anyone heard of this?


Business Summary

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Small, Person-Portable Power Solutions

I'd like to start up a Forum Topic where we can discuss power or battery recharge solutions that we may come across and want to bring to attention. If you come across something you like, please share.

The emphasis here is on:

Backup or Recharge Power (solar or otherwise, or as a larger battery device)
Easily Portable (just because you can carry it in a backpack, doesn't mean you should walk ten miles with it)

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Reinventing Fire..Solutions for New Energy Era

I love the work of Amory Lovins... 

It is a very hopeful view that we can transition out
of our "predicament"...
Last month, he released his latest Book,

Reinventing FIRE book Cover

REINVENTING FIRE, Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era

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Solar Powered Catamaran Almost Circumnavigates the Globe

This is pretty cool.

A large solar-powered catamaran circumnavigating the globe.


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Charge mobile devices from a campfire

This ingenious portable tool generates electricity from a campfire, or other heat source, to charge mobile devices like cell phones and GPS units.  It includes a radio and lantern.  A few links are provided below, but more are available.  It just went on sale in Japan.  There is no announcement about US sales, but direct contact with the manufacturer might yield results.

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Question on Electricity

Hi All-

I work for a power plant, so bear that in mind with this question.

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Death Rate per watt produced...

Seth Godin just posted this in his blog:

Do you have an opinion about nuclear power? About the relative safety of one form of power over another?
How did you come to this opinion?

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Cold Fusion

Italian scientists claim to have demonstrated cold fusion