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Urban farming -- Detroit, MI

Seeds of hope in Detroit? Residents of the "Motor City" are starting farms on abandoned lots...  (note: the link to the article is in the title line)

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keeping t he War far from home

Taxpayers in Detroit have sent a total of nearly two billion dollars to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The city’s 2011 general fund budget of 1.3 billion dollars contains an estimated deficit of 300 million dollars, even after years of cutbacks in services once assumed to be part of urban life.  The budget for Detroit schools has a deficit in the same range.

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The off-shored economy: the ruins of detroit

In the 20th century, Detroit, Michigan, symbolized American industrial might. Today it symbolizes the offshored economy.
Detroit’s population has declined by half. A quarter of the city--35 square miles--is desolate with only a few houses still standing on largely abandoned streets. If the local government can get the money from Washington, urban planners are going to shrink the city and establish rural areas or green zones where neighborhoods used to be.


The Martenson Report: The Future Has Arrived

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Executive Summary

  • The future has arrived.
  • The "Broken Windows Theory" explains a lack of media coverage.
  • Detroit is falling apart.
  • Refugees are leaving urban centers.
  • North Dakota's homeless numbers are increasing.
  • Food stamps use rises sharply.
  • State of distress – the public vs. private battle intensifies.
  • We need to change our stories.