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Tales from the Crypt - personal anecdotes on the economic big sleep

This thread is intended to provide a starting point for some of our personal observations of how this crisis is playing out in the lives of real people.  The hope is we may glean a new fact, make a connection, or at least release some stress by "venting" about what is happening around us and to us.  I'll begin with an experience I had last night:

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Derringer: Must Read Article - Describes/Frames Our Situation

Before coming to this site in early November, I already had come to the same basic conclusions as Chris.

The article below..."Here It Comes" by Karl Denninger in my the best overview of urgency of where we stand today. 

Caution: It's not rosy.  Its excellent in filling more holes of a ugly puzzle though.


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Britain on the brink of an economic depression, say experts

A race to the bottom - who will get there first - US or UK?

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Recession or depression? Too early to tell

Recession or depression? Too early to tell

Many differences between now and 1930s but some similarities, too

Pulled from MSNBC.  We have this wonderful tidbit from (Sub) Prime Minister Bernanke:

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European depression for some, others allmost there

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Statistics Say It’s a Depression

John Williams' at makes the following statements on January 16, 2009 in a flash update: “The annualized real contraction for fourth-quarter 2008 retail sales was 17.1%”“Consistent with a still-deepening recession, fourth quarter 2008 production showed an annualized quarterly contraction of 11.5%, following an 8.9% contract

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The future has arrived

Lender-Abandoned, Non-REO Foreclosures

Thursday, April 03, 2008 | 10:15 AM
NOTICE: this is not exactly new! 

Consider this troubling question: Do mortgage lenders have any obligation to take over a property that has defaulted on its mortgage?

The short answer, it appears, is no: 

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America's Forgotten War Against the Central Banks

In this time of financial hardship, this is a must read for everyone. I
hope it makes you as angry as it makes me!  Yell

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Mish calls it: we're in a depression

No surprise here, but Mish has officially called it: we're in a depression.

There is no official
definition of depression. Here is mine: When the U-6 unemployment rate
rises above 12.5 in conjunction with a stock market that is down close
to 50%, the CPI is negative, and nominal wages are stagnant, it's an
economic depression. We are in one. 

Full article