Damon Vrabel

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Renaissance 2.0 - Damon Vrabel aka Strabes

I think it's time to re visit some of the old discussions that took place here on CM.com back in 2008/9 and maybe early 2010.  Back then, it was very much against the rules to discuss the true nature of the world we live.  Discussing the New World Order, or One World Currency was frowned upon to the point that many got banned from the site.  And if they didn't get banned, they got frustrated because they couldn't discuss these truths without getting reprimanded, or torched by other members.  

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Council on Spiritual, Psychological, and Economic Renewal Discussion Thread

Like many others here, I've been following the work of Strabes (code name Damon Vrabel) with great enthusiasm. I thought it might be helpful to create a single thread to post and discuss the his articles and video presentations here.

From his Youtube Channel Page:

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Damon Vrabel rocks RT television.

An excellent interview with Damon Vrabel (Strabes) on RT television.  Pay attention folks, this guy clearly understands what he is talking about.