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Guy McPherson: The Iron Cage excerpted below

..."The paragraph below comes from the final pages of Max Weber’s 1905 book, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism:

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Ted Trainer and the Simpler Way

Here's the Editors note from this well written article From The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia. It covers the big picture of our prediciment... much in line with what Chris teaches. It would be interesting to have Chris interview Ted Trainer.   
-Bob O

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Living in the 21st Century....

Energy Literacy 

I have just found the most amazing piece of work......  I might add, this guy has done this work WRT climate change, BUT it also applies to Peak Everything as we slide down the backside of effluence.

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Hot off the projector - new AGW data

Hot off the projector #3: Atmospheric CO2 to 800 kyr ago

a few minutes ago Chappellaz et al presented the deepest dregs of
greenhouse gas concentration data from the EPICA ice core in
Antarctica, extending the data back to 800,000 years ago.