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Russia and China call for replacing the Dollar

 I came across this article on another forum.

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China et al: hidden agendas?

What if the US is working with China and other large US Treasury debt holders on some unknown agenda, and part of this agenda involves the US going into a huge amount of debt?  I started thinking about this because of the talk lately of what China (and other large holders of US Treasuries) could do with all this debt.  The problem that is always acknowledged is that if China just dumped them to hurt the US, they would hurt themselves a lot too.  Likewise, the US can decide to inflate like crazy to effectively default on the debt, but that would probably leave the US economy in shamble


Where do we go from here?

Here's the latest Martenson Report. There's another one in the wings and I will send it as soon as it is ready. Thank you for your patience.

Where do we go from here?


  • Hang on, the bottom isn't here yet...
  • China voices concern over dollar holdings
  • Slump in global trade most severe ever recorded
  • When is a reduced trade deficit a bad thing?
  • US government fiscal deficit explodes
  • Tax receipts at an all time low
  • Print, print, print (Switzerland and the UK)
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China "worried" about US Treasury holdings

China 'worried' about US Treasury holdings


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China warns it may drop its holdings of US Treasuries

Obama I hope you are listening - by trying to borrow your way out of this mess you are destroying our markets and credit worthiness.  Your insane approach might look good to the US and Western media dupes but you aren't fooling your creditors.

Oh, and what a great time for the blood money Pentagon to pick a fight with China by snooping along their shores.

By Xinhua writers Wang Yaguang and Zhu Yifan

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China stimulus package "strategy"

Another interesting comment made on Market Watch: 

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China holding US debt

Reading the spin on Clinton's visit to China, on the surface both sides seem to agree to China holding their US debt.  But does that mean they will continue to buy new debt?  At the same interest rates?  How does that benefit China?  How long are they willing to do this?

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Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production

Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production

By: Eric_deCarbonnel

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Paradigmatically IMPUDENT

As the attempted preservation of the clearly unsustainable consumer model of GDP generation in the U.S. continues to undermine the foundation of producer countries, it is becoming apparent that in order for the producer countries to survive, there will have to be a recogntion that the currently accepted paradigm of “unconquerable decoupling” will have to be abandoned.