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How to talk to children about what's coming

Hi there,

I have been reading a lot, follow this and similar forums and blogs. I have also started some preparations, such as growing a vegetable garden and stocking some food away in a pantry, learning new skills, etc.

Although I have mentioned (to my children) in a very general way that the times ahead will be difficult, I don’t know how to talk to them about what we call “peak oil” that also includes financial, environmental and other predicaments.

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Children at Risk-Radioactive Contamination Levels High in Europe-West Coast US

I wanted to make this a new thread to ensure it got some responsible reviews.

This was posted in a reply on Zero Hedge today. I was hoping some of the responsible, knowledgable folks here might be able to comment on it's veracity.

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Children Preparation--knowledge skill requirements

Home schooling is not an option for us because we both work. We are implementing many of the "What Should I Do?" suggestions, but what about preparing our children with the skills and knowledge they will need in a world greatly different from today? Any suggestions on topics and skills we can develop inaddition to the reading, writing and arithmetic our children receive from the public schools?

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Community, The Game

Hi, all;

I originally posted this idea as part of the root of a thread on raising children post-crash.  I think it may have some usefulness in spreading the word, so I'll repeat the idea here:

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Children of the Crash

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How Are We Going to Pay for All of This Stimulus?

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Parents & Kids. Some worries.

This is the first time I've ever been on a forum and I'm a little tentative.   I'm a parenting educator and I'm out the there trying to educate moms and dads to a new reality.  It fun, but frequently frustrating because what I think they need to know is a long way from what they'd like to know. 

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Gvmt propaganda?

    Just a thought...  I've got a boy who's 15 1/2.  He happens to stand 6'3" and weigh ~250.  He came home tonight talking about watching the ultimate cage fighting or some such nonsense (showing my age).  He's a fan of the WWE, etc.  It seems to me that all the violent stuff on television is a few orders above what I grew up with.  So my question is... 

    Is what's on tv or in the media just the natural evolution of the times, or maybe, just possibly, has our gvmt been slowly conditioning us to accept a change in the status quo?