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Mining industry in Australia plans to purchase mass media

The growthist mentality can't and won't admit error until its own system falls on top of its own head. With powerful people like those named below pushing Australia and most of the world down the growthist, consumptionist road, what will our children inherit? 

This is an FYI posting. Thought you might like to see what's going on in Australia, and sadly it's only typical of what's going on worldwide.

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More water as a cure for drowning

Here we go again, yet another free trade deal:

APEC leaders agree on trade deal outline


The pact sets out to eliminate all tariffs and introduce new uniform labour and intellectual property standards across the Asia-Pacific. The leaders aim to finalise the deal next year.

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how are things looking down under?

I've nearly finished the video course, and am utterly fascinated! I'm curious, are we in as bad shape as the USA? I'd say not, but I don't know for sure.

I know fractional reserve banking applies nearly worldwide, so we can't hide from that mess. I'm just wondering if our debt situation is quite as bad.

Maybe it won't matter when the US collapses, due to the domino affect.

I'd still prefer to be down under, where people are less fearful, there are less guns, better weather, and we produce a big surplus of food.

Please share if you have any insights.

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Read the book.... implications for Australia

Hi all,

I first sat through the Crash Course videos last year and was quite taken back with the information.  I have watched with interest as events have unfolded and have taken a more conservative position with my own finances.  This has been a reasonable position to date.

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Investing in Australia?

I am a US citizen and resident who is considering investing in Australia.  I’ve done some research, but before I go further I’d like to get other people’s thoughts, especially members living in Australia.

My primary purpose is to diversify out of the US dollar and the US economy, to preserve the value of my assets.  Making a real return above that would be nice.  I think Australian dollars would hold value better than the US variety, but probably still decline in absolute terms, so I think access to equities is important.

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How Australia will run out of oil by 2020

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Niall Ferguson predicts US fall/ deflationary bent

This is a great speech to Australian leaders and should be heard by all.  Ferguson's view of history is very organic and fits Chris's view in many ways.  His main difference is a bent toward deflation rather than inflation.  BTW, Feguson is Economic History Professor at Harvard.  He has an opposite view from Paul Krugman about how to solve the USA's problems.

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Censorship in Australia?

Welcome to Australia, comrades!

If this measure goes through, it could set a dangerous precedent...

Australia postpones web filter plan

The Australian government has postponed its plans to introduce a national internet filter that has been criticised as web censorship.

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The AUD is about to drop?

According to Marc Faber, Aussie is about to tank. Good for gold. Bad for recovery.      June 16th

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What do you think about Australia as an immigration destination?

I have been thinking for a while that the US may not be the best place to be in the next 5-10 years.  Even though it has problems of it's own, Australia seems to have a little more fiscal/diplomatic sanity than the US.  Queensland is nice and warm with a good economic foundation (agriculture and mining). From what I understand there is also a shortage of dentists (my profession) who are willing to live in the rural areas.  That seems right up my alley.