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2011 USA elections - do any candidates get the 3 E's? At all?

Hold onto your hats, we are coming into the American election cycle. To that end, I want to ask if you know of any candidates that seem to get the 3 E's--local, state, or national--to any degree. If so, I hope some of these people are not only electable but elected. We need all the clear-thinking leadership we can get.

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Moore: America Is Not Broke....[...or is it?...]

Michael Moore, published a rousing speech yesterday in Wisconsin (March 5th)

"America is Not Broke"

It is a great rabble rousing speech....   America is not broke....[wealth] has been transferred"
in the greatest heist in history to the banks and portfolios of the uber rich....

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A Probabilistic Assessment of Short-Term Inflation or Deflation

The following is my "2 cents" on the controversial inflation/deflation debate in the blogosphere. I attempt to use what I see as the most influential factors (what power elites prefer and what the administration/fed can accomplish) to broadly sketch some probabilities for mild inflation, hyperinflation, mild deflation and severe deflation. Here is the first section:

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Greece and the Myth of Modern America

A few paragraphs from an article using Greece as an excuse to try waking up people outside the CM crowd.  And it briefly evaluates which is the best option for fixing the problem (austerity, end the fed, gold standard, or asset money)...

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A warning to America from 1958

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China 2009: a female militia unit toting submachine guns and attired in red miniskirts and white jackboots

BEIJING — China’s leaders marked their nation’s 60th anniversary on Thursday with a precision display of military bravado, a fleet of floats representing everything from a giant fish to Mount Everest and, improbably, a female militia unit toting submachine guns and attired in red miniskirts and white jackboots. The celebration of the founding of the People’s Republic of China was immense, powerful and flawless, down to the crystal skies which, just a day earlier, had been laden with smog.

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Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle

Hello all,

This authour sums up a lot of what I have been worried about in the recent years, the decaying of literacy and the coarsening of out culture in north america. Audio on NPR,  or here is a video on youtube if you prefer.

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Happy Independence Day, America

Happy July 4th to the USA.  May the coming year provide us all with the means and opportunity to make our lives more like what we dream they could, and should, be -- whatever those dreams may be, 233 years later.

Viva!  -- Sager

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Bonds and the American Experiment

America is just an experiment. Keynesian economics is just a grand experiment.  The FED is a privately owned banking cartel.  History is written by the victors.  History always repeats itself.  History is also completely full of lies.   If you tell a lie long enough... How long does it take for people to start believing the lie to be a truth?  The Fed manipulates / controls the Bond Markets . There is no way around it.

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Wall Street's Toxic Message Carried in the Winds of Change

12 June 2009

Wall Street's Toxic Message Carried in the Winds of Change