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Goldman reveals where bailout cash went

Goldman Sachs sent $4.3 billion in federal tax money to 32 entities, including many overseas banks, hedge funds and pensions, according to information made public Friday night.

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"A gigantic ponzi scheme, lies and fraud": Howard Davidowitz on wall street

Nice to see the word is getting out "ponzi scheme" now on mainstream.

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Wall street: inside the collapse

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More Bailouts on the Way

For the first time I actually cracked up laughing rather than rattling off a tirade of swear words when reading about additional bailouts.  After their early Christmas day present, Fannie Mae is asking for an additional $15.3 billion dollars.

AIG may not be far behind.

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NYT: too big to fail is to big to exist

Too big to fail is too big to exist

New York Times
Gretchen Morgenson
The Cost of Saving These Whales

Subsidies don't stop when a bailout recipient repays a loan.

Because our government wouldn't dream of calculating the hidden
costs associated with the bailout binge -- taxpayers might become
even angrier than they already are -- it is gratifying that
The Center for Economic and Policy Research,  a liberal research group
in Washington, has taken a stab at the task."

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MORON Capitalism

Moron capitalism
By Julian Delasantellis 9-2-2009

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AIG breakup fee bonanza

The beat goes on.  More wealth transferred to Wall St. The US citizenry is being screwed from so many directions I can't keep up.

Like paying a mechanic to open the hood of your car and rip the wires out, then paying him to repair the problem.  Why don't  they just start driving door to door and loading up what they want.  Oh wait, this form of theivery is much more cost effective.

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NWO/Collapse is a GOOD thing

The current collapse lends more credence that all organisms (& species) follow the same laws, in many respects exemplified by Thomas Malthus. Conspiracy theories etc etc all aside, if you read the current science, in the larger scheme of things we are all 'slaves' to DNA and the laws of physics. From rich man to poor man we all play roles.

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Thoughts About The AIG Bonuses

Here are a few of my recent thoughts on this whole AIG (and other financial behemoths) bonus thing:

First, I hate AIG and the other financial behemoths for making very poor decisions for a long period of time, recklessly and in total disregard of the risks, and I want them to get what should be coming to them.

I really hate the Congress/Fed/Treasury's joint decisions to give hundreds of billions to these bufoons.  As Chris has pointed out repeatedly, it is a massive looting operation.