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Consolidated List of Links to Existing Preparation Threads

In hindsight, this probably deserved its own thread.

By no means a complete list, but a good start.


Community Building:

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WEF Global Risk Report 2013

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has published its 2013 Global Risk report. Guess what the theme of this year's report is? Resiliency! However, they look at it from a national and not community level.

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the Export Land Model as applied to food

The Export Land Model says net oil exporters will, due to dwindling oil reserves, eventually keep the oil for home use and no longer export it. As an example, this recently happened to Egypt: Egypt went from being a net oil exporter to a net oil importer I believe this was one of the factors in their recent civil unrest, for when there was no sale of oil for hard currency to buy food, it made food very expensive for the average Egyptian.

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Anima Mundi - new permaculture and peak oil documentary

Anima Mundi - new documentary on permaculture, peak oil, climate change and Gaia science and spirituality.

Featuring David Holmgren (co-founder of permaculture), Michael C Ruppert, Vandana Shiva, John Seed, Michael Reynolds, Stephan Harding, Noam Chomsky, Permablitz and others.

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DBA etf a safe place to park $$ ?

I have some USD stuck in my brokerage account (long story). I'm wondering what will be a safer place than cash from August 1st. For about six months I've been wondering if the DBA (Agriculture) exchange traded fund might be a reliable store of value in the near term.

Here is what the prospectus says about the fund

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Do You Own Commodity ETF's?

A year or so ago I invested some of my IRA funds in DBA, and DBO (Powershares DB Agriculture Fund, Powershares DB Oil Fund) in order to take advantage of the expected rise in commodity prices.  As hoped for, the funds performed well, and I have made a decent return on the investments.

I sat down this morning and read the prospectus for each of the ETFs:

DBO (Oil Fund) is invested 14.64% in Oil Futures Contracts and 80.11% in US Treasuries.

DBA (Agriculture Fund) is invested 13.65% in various agricultural related futures contracts and 87.98% in US Treasuries.

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Peak phosphorus, who knew?

Yet another troubling shortage coming up:,0

Our dwindling supply of phosphorus, a primary component underlying the growth of global agricultural production, threatens to disrupt food security across the planet during the coming century. This is the gravest natural resource shortage you've never heard of.


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Ten things that should be self-evident

  1. In whatever way you define biodiversity, humans are part of it.
  2. Humans obtain services from ecosystems to survive, make a profit, or increase their own well-being. In doing so, little effort is made to ensure long-term (inter-generational) well-being or equity; the focus is on maximising short-term well-being.
  3. To extract services, humans often adapt and simplify existing ecosystems or replace existing ecosystems with simpler ones. Humans thus increase their well-being by reducing the diversity within and between ecosystems; that is, by reducing biodiversity.
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Peak Oil, Peak Food

Peak Oil, Peak Food

By Aetius Romulous

16 December, 2009