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United Natures - a United Nations of all species

United Natures film release on mother earth rights, permaculture and environmental & spiritual philosophy with a stellar cast including, Dr. Vandana Shiva, David Holmgren, Starhawk, Father Bob Maguire, Cormac Cullinan, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Polly Higgins, Stephan Harding, Prof. Stuart Hill, Rosa Maria Ruiz and others. Independent grassroots documentary, no affiliation with the other UN.


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Toilets for a resilient lifestyle

Hi all!  I'd like to start a thread to discuss sustainable toilet solution.  Right now, many of us are dependent on public water and sewage systems for handling human waste, and that doesn't strike me as a good place to be when trying to design a more resilient way of life.

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An Open versus Closed Civilization

Here's a video series I recently created that might be of interest to the CM community:

The Supreme Ordeal, an Open vs. Closed Civilization, is a three-act presentation describing the closed, dominator civilization that we've been living under for many millennia, the open and free civilization that's being born, and the converging crisis that's bringing about the transition.


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TED talk: Paul Gilding: The Earth is full

This video might serve as a very compelling intro to the Crash Course. This talk is accessible and engaging, then the Crash Course provides the supporting data and arguments.


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Redefining prosperity and the fallacy of growth

I'm an environmental writer and online publisher. I disovered Chris Marenson's work through a film by Dave Gardners called "Growthbusters" 

I've read several books on our current economic model of infinite growth and have written the following essay, which is a finalist submission to win accreditation and expenses to travel to and cover the Rio+20 Earth Summit in June.

I appreciate any comments and shares of the post:

Redefining prosperity and the fallacy of growth


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Bioplastic: a viable alternative to plastics?

Does anyone here know anything about bioplastics and if they are a viable alternative to fossil fuel plastics?   Would peak phosphate negate something like bioplastic, which relies on plant bases?

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TheOppressedPeople-new blog!

Please visit my blog, There is so much to do in such a short amount of time. We need to act NOW! Please bring your ideas and suggestions to the table, so that we can create a solution instead of continuing to be part of the problem!

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Math Question - "double exponential decay"

Trying to visualize a graphical way to think about peak resources' effect on the economy. 

Up until now or very recently both are exponential growth functions. We know that the ultimate resource curve is normal with a peak and a decline that ends up being something resembling symmetrical. 

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European speakers on economic situation and the relation with sustainability

Dear all,

Currently I'm looking for experienced European speakers/trend watchers that can tell the story about the relationship between the economic situation, peak oil and sustainability. Normally I am the speaker on these topics but since I am hosting the event for a customer I can't do it myself. Can anyone help me out with (connections to) experienced speakers on these subjects and their relationship?


Bert Bruns