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Ted Trainer and the Simpler Way

Here's the Editors note from this well written article From The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia. It covers the big picture of our prediciment... much in line with what Chris teaches. It would be interesting to have Chris interview Ted Trainer.
-Bob O

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Not everything is sold

I guess it's right that there would be no market for the total assets of the baby-boomers if they try to liquidate it and consume it in their old days. Prices would have to go down, for instance on real estate and stock.

But will that generation really sell out? Much of the wealth of people that pass away today is given on to their heirs, without passing through the open market. Why would the next generation behave differently?

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the main problem with the globe

I picked this item from the 6/6 DD where I was going to reply, but thought it deserved its own thread.....

hunt4riches wrote:

I see the main problem with the globe to be over population combined with socialism, dictatorship and communism.

I read this last night before going to bed (local Australian time..) and gave it a lot of thought....  and I hope this post doesn't turn into a long rambling raving discourse, because in my opinion this statement just over simplifies things.  Remember, we live in a complex world..

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The world in 2050...

HSBC sees China and America leading global mega-boom

The greatest global boom of all time has barely begun. Over the next forty years, economic growth will quicken yet further as the rising powers of Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America reach their full stride


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Smithsonian's predictions for the next 40 years

Did anyone else get last month's Smithsonian Magazine??  They did a special for their 40th anniversary which included many people's predictions and theories about what the future would look like.  Peak oil was mentioned over and over,  but for the most part people reported a very rosy view of how things would be.  

http://www.smithsonianmag.com/zinio-40th-anniversary-issue.html     Here is where you can download a free copy.

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Environment verses Capitalism or extinction = change the paradigm

I want to thank Chris Martenson for his work on "What should I do" series, on Resilence. Since most of us already agree on how we got here and why. Making a way to prepare for whats coming.  I came across this TED video and thought I might share it.

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The Unsustainability of Civilisation

This was being discussed on another group I belong to, and thought folks here would like to share it with me....
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Richard Heinberg at his best

Recently I’ve begun compiling a list of things to be cheerful about. Here are some items that should bring a smile to any environmentalist’s lips:

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Ideas Worth Spreading - Hans Rosling from TED

I know the data from this film is a little out of step, but I found it fascinating!!!

What I wondered most from it though, as we're members of this future history of the World and the information gained from reading, writing and learning from this site...as Chris has stated many times, 

"The Next Twenty Years Are Going To Be Completely Different From The Last Twenty Years"

What do you feel the charts will show in 2029?