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Investing: Inverse Bond ETFs versus Gold ETFs?

I've consolidated my IRA's into a USAA Brokerage Account (a very notch company).

USAA doesn't allow me to buy gold specifically for IRAs.

Questions I have...

1.)  Which is better...investing in inverse bond ETFs (non-leveraged) or gold ETF?

2.)  Should I consider/use both vehicles?

3.)  Suggested ETFs based on your experiences?

4.)  If currency collapse occurs, which vehicle should perform better toward protection of assets.

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Max Kaiser speaks from Europe in the ORACLE

 part 1 of 4.

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Bank Failures to date verses 1933

In 1933 42 banks failed.

2008 25 banks failed.

2009 9 banks so failed so far.;jsessionid=2CF0AFF654F3CA7727D0F9641E2EDDFD#p1

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debt free fiat currency - a solution to deflation and inflation?

I posted this on mish's blog recently. I got a few thumbs up but no real discussion. I'll see if there is any more interest here.

The proposal outlined below is for the issuance of a debt-free fiat currency to run alongside existing debt-money, as a way of creating a partial reinflation of the economy without risking inflation, while at the same time starting to step in the right direction of debt-free money.

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What is money - Icke

Apologies for cross posting, but you may not have seen this in the general discussion, so I thought I'd post it here as its relevant:

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What is money?

This is Icke's take on what is money...

are two factors involved, one is ownership, the other is usury. the
people need to own the money supply and usury needs to be abolished if
we are to stop recking the planet and enslaving ourselves to interest

A good place to start is by joining a LETS:

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Our Money System - Quo Vadis?

I composed this in reflection last night in response to an ongoing debate elsewhere on the 'net about money and likely courses that will be taken.  I decided to post it here instead of there, in hopes it will engender some constructive discussion.


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The Horn of Hyperinflation?

This pattern should shift from deflationary to inflationary/hyper-inflationary at some point, and if this guy gets his way. Perhaps sooner rather than later?!

Evans says Fed needs to mimic below-zero rates

Sat Jan 3, 2009 8:18pm EST

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A grim economic outlook highlights the
need for the Federal Reserve to step up quantitative measures to boost
growth, with official interest rates already effectively at zero,
Charles Evans, president of the Chicago Fed, said on Saturday.

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Money Creation in Islamic Countries

Does anyone know how money is created in Islamic countries?

I doubt they have fractional reserve lending, since collecting interest is prohibited in the Koran.  Does the government just spend it into existence?

I did a little web research on Islamic banking, but couldn't find anything that explained money creation.  If you can point me to some good resources, I would appreciate it.