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Dear All,

I am in the process of developing a new paradigm which could hold the key to the future. It is called Transfinancial Economics. If true many of the problems of the world could be solved. It is also a win-win approach in which everyone is a winner including the rich AND more importantly the poor. It is a big subject, and I have included a link from the p2pfoundation. Admitedly, it will receive a little more editing but essentially the basics of TFE as it is sometimes referred to are explained.

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On Money

Chris claims that U.S. money is "fiat" money, which has value because the U.S. Government decrees that it does.

Yet, what Chris says isn't quite right.

U.S. money is Legal Tender money and thus gets its value not from set decree of price, but rather from force. Simply, everyone who wants to transact in the U.S. and earn income must pay taxes to the U.S. government and anyone who has taxes due must pay them in the Legal Tender money. » Read more