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Zero effect

Lets see who can devalue their currency fastest!

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Dr. Lawrence Parks Monetary Education Topic: Collapse of the Dollar

Dr. Lawrence Parks Executive Director Foundation of the Advancement of Monetary Education (FAME) Topic:  Collapse of the Dollar

A must listen. Jon

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China to announce currency revisions

“The Chinese government is set to announce a revision of its currency policy in the coming days that will allow greater variation in the value of its currency combined with a small but immediate jump in its value against the dollar, people with knowledge of the consensus emerging in Beijing said Thursday.”

Translation: Minor appeasement of those annoying Americans. Anything beyond a tiny incremental change would be surprising . . .

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Are we heading towards a paperless economy?

What frightens me most is that there doesn't seem to be a real explanation as to how our country is still able to ignore the bubble. How are they keeping this "false" economy from publicly collapsing on itself? What will it take for us to REALLY address this problem? Are we simply going to go completely paperless? Is going paperless a solution to this problem?

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the Gold price will be affected by the Oil price in future—how?

The Oil Price Will Affect the Gold Price

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The Definitive Commnity, Complementary and Alternative Currency thread

Hi everyone,

I thought it was time for a definitive community currency thread to include all and any types of systems around which benefit communities of any scale. To include the theory and the practice.

I will start off offering this list of links for those who want to learn more:

Check out the library section in paticular

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China/US square off

China hits at currency ‘protectionism’

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One world currency, order coming to a planet near you

Listening to Jim Sinclair talk about whats going on in the world financial system. A view from a former insider.He explains how he thinks it will all unfold. He warns that to many of us are asleep and need to spread the word or suffer the consequences.

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How much gold and silver do I need?

I understand the need for holding some gold and silver as a store of value in case of a currency collapse.  I also understand the need to hold some gold and silver bullion coins in divisible and spendable form to purchase items during the time period from the collapse of the old currency until the establishment of a new currency.  This latter need is my focus here.  Examples of such coins would be junk silver and divisible ounzes of gold American eagles.  I am not sure what quantity of coins one should have on hand.  I suppose it depends upon one's assessment of how


The Martenson Report: Nowhere To Run - A Monetary Crisis

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Executive Summary

  • Nations around the world are insolvent and on their way to bankruptcy, a fiscal crisis, a currency crisis, or all three.
  • World markets are currently interlocked to a troubling degree.
  • A falling currency is always a cross-border event.
  • The German DAX, the Dow Jones, and the FTSE 100 charts are nearly indistinguishable.
  • A bigger trigger than Greece will be needed to set off the next round of global trouble.
  • The UK is a highly qualified candidate for that role; Japan is also a likely possibility.
  • Expect the unexpected.  The future is going to change suddenly and rapidly.