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Live in town or out?

We live in a semi sustainable house 3.5 miles from a vibrant town of 2500 people in Vermont,  there is great community here and everything we need but in our immediate proximity (our dirt road which is about a mile long to the nearest paved road) there are very sparse houses, basically we are in the woods with about twenty neighbors in the mile stretch with 100-200 feet between.  Our dilemna is should we move closer to town, a town if possible and then focus on a the basics or just hunker down and make this house more workable and figure how to do the 3.5 miles to town when that i

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Kind of new to this site but...THIS SITE ROCKS!!!

Congrats to Chris and team plus all the community members.

Incredibly helpful, interesting and intellectually stimulating site. Looking forward to getting more familiar with all the resources and options here and eventually pitching in. I already have several ideas. Just wanted to get a better feel for what's on the site and the contributors. 

Thanks to the community at large for all the helpful input.


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Chris Martenson Convergence

Hello all,

While picking raspberries I started thinking about ways that could be improved and meet the needs of the community. It occurred to me that we could take another step. We could actually meet. We could converge. We could have a weekend where we meet and learn. The weekend could include a range of possibilities such as, workshops for members by members on specific skills, lectures, and time to prove that we are not alone.

Since I am a new member I am unsure if this has been tried before. Is there any interest?


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About buying a house


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Why i don't like community.

Why community may not be the answer. 
The first premise of my argument is that the people in charge of the government and major corporations are the people who have an irrational self interest. That these people have a larger negative impact on our culture, society and environment than they have a positive impact on the same things. 
(Side note: I accept there will be exceptions to this, but as a whole it is generally correct) 

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Eerily quiet here...don't forget...and community

We've all been doing our best to be ready, and now it looks like the financial and societal meltdown is starting. Dr. Chris has issued a Red Alert, something he did not do lightly, and we're all busy doing our last-minute things.

This site has been very quiet as we are no longer talking about last minute preps, but doing them.

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Spheres of Responsibility

The interview with Catherine Austin Fitts and the comments which followed have me thinking about spheres of responsibility. 

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Just came back inside in the late night (1:20 a.m. EST) from walking el doggo in the falling snow (Seamus loves the snow, and we're expecting a foot give or take).  (When was the last time you spent a minute or two listening to snow falling?)

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Locations for Sustainable life

Hello all,

I have been inspired by a very recent post by rhare, more specifically by some of the responses to it.  Some of the folks were throwing out their ideas of great places to form a "post peak" community with other like-minded folks.  This is a topic near and dear to me and I would like to open it up to everyone by asking two questions:

1. In an ideal world, what does your living situation look like?  What are your biggest priorities for a geographical "wish list" including specifics (size, demographics, terrain, weather, etc)