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Withdrawing 401K

Hi all - I have a question about withdrawing 401K. I have worked in the US for 4 years and have about 30K in my account. I am thinking of withdrawing my money from 401k and I know everyone will scream no but please read below to see if it makes sense for me. 

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Starting a new job - 401K vs. physical PM

Hello all.  First thanks to all who contribute to this site.  I browse when I can and find the info to be quite helpful and insightful.

I'm starting a new job soon and am wondering about the best way to take advantage of my benefits.  I'm soliciting opinions on the best way to invest in precious metals.  I've posted this question in a different forum, but was hoping to take advantage of the great info available here as well.

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Do You Own Commodity ETF's?

A year or so ago I invested some of my IRA funds in DBA, and DBO (Powershares DB Agriculture Fund, Powershares DB Oil Fund) in order to take advantage of the expected rise in commodity prices.  As hoped for, the funds performed well, and I have made a decent return on the investments.

I sat down this morning and read the prospectus for each of the ETFs:

DBO (Oil Fund) is invested 14.64% in Oil Futures Contracts and 80.11% in US Treasuries.

DBA (Agriculture Fund) is invested 13.65% in various agricultural related futures contracts and 87.98% in US Treasuries.

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Financial Advisors in the Boston area

I would like to find a financial advisor in the Boston area who I can trust and who knows about and believes in Peak Oil, Climate Change, and the terrible state of our U.S.

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Another braintrust question

I, along with many others, it seems, am on the brink of withdrawing my 401k money this year and paying the taxes and 10 percent penalty.  This trickle of redemptions could turn into a landslide if the administration starts requiring a percentage of funds be invested in govt bonds.

I was just thinking that the combination of required govt debt financing by retirement plan owners along with the absolute tax windfall

to the govt from early withdrawal might just allow Obama and Bernanke to kick this can down the road a couple years.

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Demo-Dictatorship & "Your" 401k and IRA

Desperate people do desperate things. 


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403b Funds -Sucker's move or better late than never?

My dilemma: I managed to avoid the worst of the downturn by moving almost all of my 403b funds from equities to treasuries in Feb 2008. So far, so good. Of course, they have sat there ever since and I missed out on the run up within the current depression. I also belive the dollar is doomed. Fidelity has a gold fund I can move money into but. Naturally, gold (and this fund) are at or near records highs at the moment. My question, just to gauge CM reader sentiment is:

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What about 401K plans?

The 401K plan coincidentally began in 1980 and I believe has had a large impact on the stock markets (right?)   I'd expect there is a chart that would show a rise in 401K investment as the personal savings rate declined.  Could this be because the 401K investment is taken out before the income is tabulated?  In other words, is the personal savings rate chart based on a net income which does not include the 401K witholding?

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Retirement Dreams Disappear With 401(k)s

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What to do with a 401K

Hi Folks,